Original Source: The canopy introduces CPT-infused water in the United States

(Smiths Falls) Canopy development strengthens its presence in the United States, where four cannabidiol-permeable bright waters were pumped there before federal legalization.

The Canadian Press

Cannabis maker Smiths Falls says four of its Quattro brand drinks will be delivered to its U.S. customers on Tuesday.

The bright water contains 20 milligrams of CBT and comes in four flavors including ginger and lime, cucumber and mint, blueberry and acai, and fashion fruit and guava. They were the first CPD drinks in the canopy across the border.

355 milliliters of colorful water has been available in Canada since last fall, and Martha Stewart, who joins the production of Biosteal and This Works CPT, has already sold the canopy in the United States as part of its expansion strategy.

Quadru colorful water is sold through e-commerce.

Business observers believe Canadian cannabis companies will have more opportunities in the United States this year as US President Joe Biden and his Democrats introduce legislation to ease federal cannabis laws.

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