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Original Source: New CBD coconut body wash launched in the United States

outdoor shower womanWith a projected market value of $959 million in sales by 2024, CBD beauty and cosmetic products are rapidly taking off, as local niche brands and businesses rise to the occasion to bring forth new and innovative CBD-infused products. The recent launch of Uncle Bud’s Hemp Coconut Body Wash is a prime example of how fast the market is growing. 

While larger and more established cosmetic producers in the U.S., Europe, and the U.K. remain wary of the legalities on the use of marijuana and CBD infused products around the world, indie brands such as Uncle Bud’s have managed to grow a strong market interest over the last few years, offering a plethora of products such as body wash, feminine care, skincare, and other wellness products infused with CBD. 

While these products are predicted to raise more than $900 million in sales by 2024 according to Prohibition Partners’ recent report, The Impact Series: Disrupting Beauty, we got behind the wheel on this new driving force that is pushing the beauty and cosmetics industry to adjust to new demand in consumer needs. 

Uncle Bud’s Hemp Body Wash with CBD

The recent launch of Uncle Bud’s CBD Coconut Body Wash shows that the need for reliable, accessible, and sustainable products is on the rise, as more and more people are pushing companies to offer localized and feasible products. Research has proven that the use of CBD oil in cosmetics and beauty products is more beneficial for the skin and body when expected to be used over a long period. 

This coconut CBD wash hosts a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients needed to restore and revitalize old, dead, and tired-looking skin. The industrial hemp used in the coconut wash has a supplement of rich vitamins such as A, D, and E. More so, each body wash contains around 120mg of pure CBD oil. The wash combines natural sources with modern scientific knowledge to help moisturize and clean the skin from any dirt and impurities. 

The use of industrial hemp helps to infuse the body with omega-rich nutrients, promoting  better and healthier skin. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties are traced to the introduction of hemp seed oil into the body wash. The team behind the research and design of this body wash and other, related offerings have ensured that only the best ingredients are used throughout the production of each body wash. Uncle Bud’s manufactures their products in an FDA-approved facility in the United States. 

CBD is a natural choice for consumers 

As companies ramp up their knowledge about CBD and the use thereof in cosmetics and other beauty products, Uncle Bud’s has managed to captivate a large audience of interested customers, pushing to introduce more natural hemp CBD products in the US market. 

While US sales for CBD cosmetics have doubled over the last few years, standing at $33 million in 2019, consumers are looking for personal care products that are made with ingredients they can trust. The price of these products is also an important factor that comes into play, as natural beauty products tend to be more expensive than other popular commercial brands. Compared to a decade earlier, more and more consumers are becoming concerned with what they put into their bodies and the products they use daily. While the CBD cosmetics and beauty market takes off, relatable products such as those offered by Uncle Bud’s Hemp will become more frequently available in supermarkets across the country. 

The proof is in the product 

Uncle Bud’s Hemp Body Wash with CBD and coconut has proven to be one of the best CBD body wash products on the market. This specific body wash contains a variety of natural ingredients, promoting better-looking healthy skin and changing how we understand daily beauty regimens. Consumer satisfaction has been escalating, as the need for these products is constantly on the rise. Through it all, Uncle Bud’s Hemp has managed to make CBD cosmetics and beauty products more accessible and affordable, using native hemp and CBD ingredients to promote a more natural product in a changing consumer environment.

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